Introducing U.

U. is a travel company creating transformative and sustainable trips around the world for 18-25 year olds. We lead the way in adventure travel by creating small group travel, solo travel, volunteer and conservation programs and work and travel opportunities that connects young like minded travellers from all nationalities in with everything from a great local beach party, to a wet and wild rafting trip, to community projects and disaster recovery.

To transform the way young people travel (and older people think about young people travelling)


To take a stand – it is OK to travel, to party, and to be young. To be the world’s leading creator of sustainable and transformative travel experiences that helps young people become the best versions of themselves.

  • Creates transformational travel experiences that meet the market (see ideal product)
  • Bridges the gap between travel and education
  • Works alongside local partners to create these experiences and brings them in a manageable and viable way to the customers – we can commercialise and facilitate amazing community based projects economically sustainable
  • Makes such experiences affordable by including more
  • Is less apologetic – more extreme – more authentic – we put our words into actions, say the uncomfortable,
  • Reduces the say-do gap
  • Reviews, validates, reassesses everything we do continually – to always be better
How is U. changing the world?

It is not about us – it’s about U. We are not changing the world. You, today’s youth – tomorrow’s leaders, will change the world. We only provide the framework for you to:

  • Become the best version of themselves;
  • Build their CVs;
  • Become more open-minded; and
  • Close the gap between intent and outcomes

But, we are changing the youth tourism industry

  • By working with incredible local partners to develop our trips and experiences and bring them to market
  • By treating social and environmental impact as a primary means of success for our business such that we prioritise it even in cases where it may not drive profitability
    • For example small group size puts planet, people and experience over profit
    • Selecting local partners over established international companies even if buying power is less (and so costs higher)
We are driven:
  • To make a difference
  • To feel pride in what we do
  • Because we actually truly believe it
  • To stop competing on price and compete more on why
  • Because the student and youth travel industry is poorly served – same people doing the same shit (see Crossing the chasm to creating a sustainable tourism industry model)
  • Because environmental sustainability should be on of the the biggest concerns facing young people
    • To make sustainability also about cultural, diversity, sexual, individual
  • To fight travel shame