We are taking the step that everyone else should have taken a long time ago!

We offer 100% climate-neutral travel for you on your adventure. We do this in collaboration with certified partners who offset the amount of CO2 that is calculated from what a given trip will emit.

This involves:

  • We pay half of the CO2 neutralization with you – this is of course completely voluntary
  • You will receive an official certificate that your trip is 100% CO2 neutral
  • Take on the adventure of a lifetime completely CO2 neutral

We take responsibility because there’s only one planet, and we want to ensure that our children and our grandchildren get to see the places and experiences that the world has to offer!

We do not only sell travels - we are making a better world!

Responsibility and sustainability are not just about offsetting your carbon. It’s also important for us that our travellers become more sustainability-driven, environmentally aware and economically understanding. That’s why we among other things do the following:

  • Partnering with local communities-based operators ensuring that U. Tours are unique, local, and most importantly safe and a true reflection of the destination
  • Our tours encourage travellers to spend directly in communities by eating and shopping locally
  • Our U. Change initiatives are fluid – they wrap themselves around the needs of the communities in which we interact

U. make your tour transformative and sustainable - while you become the best version of YOU

By making a better world, we believe that we can create better human beings by offering our transformative and sustainable travels! Because we think it’s OK to travel, to party and to be young!
Our vision is to help young people become the best version of themselves by doing it sustainably for both You and the world – it’s all about culture, diversity and individual knowledge and curiosity.

So, now you know how much we care about sustainable travel, but how do we ensure CO2 reduction among the team in our office?

As a climate-conscious travel company, it is important for us to do what we can to follow the good CO2-reducing tips to create a greener lifestyle among our staff in the office!

We support the local businesses

We use reusable and eco-friendly products

It’s important to us that travellers support local businesses on our destinations. It is equally important for us to support locally in the office. The coffee beans come from a Danish sustainable brand and the Friday beer is from a local brewery.

We’ve stocked the kitchen with reusable utensils for coffee breaks and lunches. We’d rather do the dishes than throw them away after use. Especially because our cleaning items are green-certified and good for our own health.

We use a green energy company

We have indoor plants

The energy used for our operations comes from a green energy company called OK Energy. The green energy comes from 100% sustainable energy sources, namely wind turbine energy

By including greenery in our office, we are improving indoor air quality. This improves the health of the U. staff. Aside from that, plants make our office much more attractive and it boosts the mood so we always can provide the best service for U. travellers.

We love sustainable office supplies

We sort recyclable waste

We have replaced our office supplies with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. From paper clips to LED light bulbs. It’s a super neat way to stay organized and productive while minimizing negative environmental impact.

We take care of sorting our waste in the office. In this way, we can both help save resources and avoid the spread of harmful chemicals in the environment.

Partnership with Climaider

To live up to our promise to offer you 100% climate-neutral travel, we have entered a partnership with one of the leading climate advocate organizations, Climaider. Which is one of the certified partners in the climate fight.

Through this collaboration, you can gain insight into exactly how much CO2 your journey emits and knowledge of how we as a sustainable company help to offset the calculated amount of CO2 – of course with you!

Climaider helps us calculate the exact amount of CO2 emitted for your trip. CO2 is emitted when you fly, drive a bus or during your overnight stays. For example, almost 100 kg less CO2 is emitted on a bus trip around Europe compared to a bus trip in Asia. In addition, the least CO2 is emitted during an overnight stay at a hostel in Europe and the most CO2 during an overnight stay at a hotel in Asia.

How can we offer 100% climate-netral travel to you?

We can’t avoid the fact that CO2 is of course emitted when you fly out into the world.

By travelling with us you are helping to compensate for climate change through our collaboration with Climaider, where we participate in important sustainable CO2-reducing climate projects.

These climate projects are verified by the strictest industry standards. The projects have been verified by certified partners such as Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard. These two organizations focus on evaluating and controlling the projects. Of course, they are independent of the projects and continuously make sure that everything lives up to the strictest and most thorough standards in the industry.

In this way, we can ensure that we – and you as a traveller with us – help to create measurable and permanent CO2 reductions.